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So, I finally, finally saw HanaDan Final. OMG, so worth it. AND THEN SHE PUNCHED OUT A BEAR, OMGWTFBBQ. :p

In other news, I recently read through all of Berserk. I'm... sort of pondering writing an essay on it now, because wow. The treatment of women in that manga. I love the manga, and I'm not normally all that concerned with that sort of thing, but wow. Wow.
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Yes. Done with the semester.

In other news, sometimes I go looking for fic in REALLY TINY fandoms, and I am always so sad when I can't find any. qq. (Like Nora. The possiblities for bondage, world!)

Also, hey world, what's up with the sudden Arashi craze? I APPROVE.
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Been a while, huh. Well, school's almost over- I have one more final tomorrow, and then I am done! Yay! Then it's off for a summer of crazy traveling. XD

In other news, I've been sucked into J-Dramas. Also, JE fandom, though I'm trying to avoid being sucked into anyone other than Arashi for the moment. *avoids Tokio and V6 like the plague* It's really hard, though, since Okada and Nagase are all over the place! *cries* Man, it's been a while since I've really enjoyed fandom this much, though. It's just... there's so much! Years and years worth of stuff to watch, in all sorts of genres, and a whole bunch of people around to fan with. It sort of feels like when I first got into anime fandom back in highschool, though hopefully I'm a bit less fan-girlish now. Maybe. A tiiiny bit less. ^^;;

Guess I should get back to studying at some point. Though it's an English exam, so there's really not much to do. ^^


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